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Hsuan-Lei Shao Associate Professor
  • Job title: Associate Professor
  • Name: Hsuan-Lei Shao
  • Email:
  • Phone: 02-66202589#10535
Associate Professor, Institute of Medical and Biotechnology Law, Taipei Medical University

Associate Professor/Assistant Professor, Department of East Asian Studies, National Taiwan Normal University

Educational Qualifications
M.A/Ph.D., Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, National Chengchi University 
B.A., Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University

Research Expertise
Empirical law, text mining and natural language processing, machine learning, database and data mining applications, legal data analysis, simulation research

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Publishments (Representative)
1. Hsuan-Lei Shao, Yu-Ying Huang, Sieh-Chuen Huang (2023, Jun). Prediction Model for Drunk Driving Sentencing: Applying TextCNN to Chinese Judgement Texts. Yada, K., Takama, Y., Mineshima, K., & Satoh, K. (Eds.). (2023). New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: JSAI-isAI 2021 Workshops, JURISIN, LENLS18, SCIDOCA, Kansei-AI, AI-BIZ, Yokohama, Japan, November 13–15, 2021, Revised Selected Papers (Vol. 13856). Springer Nature. , LNAI 13856, 3- 15.
2. Chang Zhang, Dechun Zhang and Hsuan Lei Shao (2023, Feb). The Softening of Chinese Digital Propaganda: Evidence From the People’s Daily Weibo Account During the Pandemic. Frontiers in Psychology, Volume 14. (SSCI, 35/148 PSYCHOLOGY, MULTIDISCIPLINARY). MOST 100-2628-H-003-002-MY4. . SSCI(JCR)=Q1.
3. Hsuan-Lei Shao, Sieh-Chuen Huang & Robert B Leflar (2022, Dec). Factors Determining Child Custody in Taiwan after Patriarchy’s Decline: Decision Tree Analysis on Family Court Decisions. Asian J. Comparative Law, First View, pp. 1 - 17. (Scopus, 412/801 Law). 
4. Hsuan-Lei Shao, Yi-Chia Chen and Sieh-Chuen Huang (2021, Jun). BERT-Based Ensemble Model for Statute Law Retrieval and Legal Information Entailment. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 12758, pp 226-239
5. 邵軒磊(2023年11月)。國際形象理論與中國在社群媒體上的宣傳模式=International image theory and China’s propaganda model on social media。遠景基金會季刊,24(4),47-79。(TSSCI)。
6. 邵軒磊(Hsuan-Lei Shao)(2020年12月)。機器學習與日本研究的對話: 以中國社會科學院《日本學刊》為例=Dialogue between machine learning and Japanese studies: Taking the "Journal of Japan" of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences as an example。臺灣東亞文明研究學刊,34, 75-103。(TSSCI)。
7. 邵軒磊(Hsuan-Lei Shao);黃詩淳(Sieh-Chuen Huang)(2020年11月)。新住民相關親權酌定裁判書的文字探勘:對「平等」問題的法實證研究嘗試 Applying Texts Mining on Child Custody Cases Regarding New Immigrants in Taiwan: An Empirical Study on Equality。臺大法學論叢,49(S),1267 - 1308。(TSSCI,Law)。
8. 黃詩淳、邵軒磊、康心宥、郭恩佳 (2020年10月)。初探車禍判決中法院認定 之過失比例之因素=A preliminary study on the factors that determine the proportion of fault determined by the court in car accident judgments。月旦法學,305, 206-221。
9. 黃詩淳(Sieh-Chuen Huang)、邵軒磊(Hsuan-Lei Shao)(2020年03月)。以人工智慧讀取親權酌定裁判文本:自然語言與文字探勘之實踐 Applying Natural Language Processing and Text Mining to Classifying Child Custody Cases and Predicting Outcomes。臺大法學論叢,49(1), 195-224.。(TSSCI,Law)。
10. 邵軒磊(Hsuanlei Shao)(2019年12月)。機器學「習」:以文字探勘法探索 習近平時期之大外宣戰略=Machine Learning: An Application of Text Mining to Xi's Grand External Propaganda Strategy 。中國大陸研究,62(4), 133-157。 (TSSCI)。
11. 黃詩淳(Sieh-Chuen Huang);邵軒磊(Hsuan-Lei Shao)(2019年12月)。人工 智慧與法律資料分析之方法與應用:以單獨親權酌定裁判的預測模型為例, The Application of Artificial Intelligence and Legal Analytics: Focused on Decisions Regarding Child Custody。臺大法學論叢 ,48(4), 2023-2073。 (TSSCI, Law)。
12. 邵軒磊;吳國清. Hsuanlei Shao; Koching Wu.(2019年06月)。法律資料分析與文字探勘:跨境毒品流動要素與結構研究=Applying Legal Analytics and Text Mining: Factors and Structure of the Cross-border Drug Trafficking。問題與研究,58(2), 91-114。(TSSCI)。