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Dear students:

☞ Students who select courses whose student number capacity has been reached must fill in priority preference for selection. 
Time & Period:2023/02/07 Tue. 09:00 ~ 02/09 Thu. 17:00 ( Online 24 hours ) 
Path: Academic Affairs Information System→ Course Selection → Course Selection → Priority weight 

1. You can fill and adjust priority weight during the registration period, and the final result depends on the latest data saved in the system. Those not filling in their priority preference will be disqualified. 
2. Total of priority weights are 100 (10 extra will be granted to those who have confirmed course selection list and answered all the course evaluation questionnaires in the previous semester). 
3. Selection results can be checked the afternoon on the next day after registration. If the course showed on your schedule means you selected successfully. 
4. You can add courses which capacities have not been reached for Courses Add / Drop, during 2023/02/13 Mon. 12:10 ~ 02/22 Wed. 13:00 (Online 24 hours) 
If there is any question, please feel free to contact curriculum section. Thank you! 

Best regards,