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Ho, Jen-Ji Professor
  • Job title: Professor
  • Name: Ho, Jen-Ji
  • Email:
  • Phone: 02-6620-2589#10506

Professor Jen- Ji Ho’s biography


Professor Jen- Ji Ho works at the Graduate Institute of Health and Biotechnology Law, Taipei Medical University. His research topics include legal issues related to genetic information, precision medicine, cell therapy, vaccine policy, neuroethics, patients’ rights, and human tissues.

Professor Jen- Ji Ho is a distinguished cross-disciplinary researcher. His books and articles integrate legal theory and scientific evidence to resolve real-world problems. He is also a proponent of maximum freedom and the minimal state. In a world full of uncertainty, he believes that respect for autonomy, freedom of information, and self-responsibility are the most fundamental principles in a legal system. With these principles, people can develop their own life plans and values in an open and free society.